December 14, 2016

Canada-US Connected Health Workshop

Gaylord National Harbor

The Canada-US Connected Health Workshop, organized by Cross-Border Health, assembled interested stakeholders and government from the US and Canada to identify common priorities with a view to fostering greater regulatory and policy coordination in connected health.

Connected health stands to improve care while reducing health system costs, through better communication between patients and providers using mobile devices. International regulatory coordination is important to the scale-up adoption of connected health technologies. Such coordination between nations is complex. Canada and the United States not only share the friendliest border in the world but also have a uniquely close partnership in regulatory and policy cooperation. Ultimately, a deeper level of Canada-US cooperation in connected health could provide a foundation for greater harmonization with other trusted nations.


The Canada-US Connected Health Workshop featured a number of key speakers from both countries, covering topics that include:

  • Regulatory harmonization
  • Privacy and security
  • Common registries
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Governance over big data for research